How to make suction cups used for

Common usage of Suction cup

Suction cups helps us a lot in our daily. These are not just used in today’s modern era, but they are used since the 3rd century, BC. These were used to pull the bad blood from the inner body organ to the surface. It is said that Hippocrates have researched and invented this method of suction. Most of us already aware of what are suction cups used for, but some of us might night have an idea how they are used and what is purpose of these suction cups.

The first suction cup

The very first suction of modern age patent was issued by US patent trade mark office in 1860s. TC Roche was the first who received the licence with patent no 52,748. After that in 1868, Orwell Needham have produced the more refined design of this suction pump. This invention was known as Atmospheric Knob that was used for general purpose use such as handle, to open the drawer and many other means.

In this section we’ll tell you what are suction cups used forand what are various objects that we can hold through amazing item known as suction cup.

Usage of suction cups in household and industrial applications

House hold usage: – In our homes we can fix many objects on no-porous surfaces like fridge doors, tiled walls and much more. We can use them to hold mirror in our bathrooms and bedrooms for other objects to decorate.


Automobile use: – you have seem in any cars, people watching movies on their phones or IPAD while driving. These are affixed using suction cup. People can easily clamp these devices in these cups in windscreen and can enjoy unlimited fun while driving.


In Toys: – These are often used in toys like Nerf darts.

Bathroom Plungers: – you can used these suction cups in toilet plungers.


Urban Walkers: – These are used by the urban climbers in order to scale the house or building with flat external surface.

Commercial Purpose: – you can place them on your car like Go Pro camera using suction pumps. There are in fact many more usage in industries as well. They have made their life easy.


Hope now you have a clear idea what are suction cups used for. These are multipurpose use. So if you looking for these suction cups, then you can go and buy as these will solve most of the problems without breaking your walls and tiles.

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